Jaime Blasco

Co-founder and CTO of Nudge Security, Jaime is a renowned security researcher with experience across network security, malware analysis, and incident response. Most recently, Jaime was VP at AT&T Cybersecurity, where he led AT&T Alien Labs, the threat intelligence and data science unit for AT&T Cybersecurity.

Prior to acquisition by AT&T, Jaime served as Chief Scientist at AlienVault, where he researched emerging and evolving global threats to fuel AlienVault's threat detection and response mechanisms. He co-founded the Open Threat Exchange, the world’s largest open threat intelligence community with over 180,000 global participants.

Earlier in his career, Jaime founded multiple startups related to web application security, source code analysis, and incident response. His research is frequently cited in international publications such as New York Times, WIRED, Washington Post, and Al Jazeera.

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