Our Approach

We make SaaS security work for modern work.

Learn what makes Nudge Security the best SaaS security & governance solution for modern, cloud-first organizations.

Modern work runs on SaaS.

The kicker: 90% of apps are adopted and owned by people outside of IT.

Yet, IT & Security are still accountable for 100% of the SaaS in use.

Staying ahead of the SaaS adoption curve is hard.

Every single day, there’s another:

Most solutions focus on the 10% of SaaS already known and owned by IT.

See how Nudge Security compares to:

Besides, most people will gladly work around tools that block SaaS access.

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It's time to make SaaS security work for modern work.

We built Nudge Security to do exactly that.

All it takes is one simple connection to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

You've never seen SaaS security like this.

See all your SaaS.

Our patented SaaS discovery method eliminates shadow SaaS, giving you complete visibility of your SaaS applications, identities, OAuth integrations, and more from Day One.

- No proxies, agents, or plugins needed
- Install to insights in minutes
- Historical & continuous discovery

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Own your SaaS security posture.

Our AI-driven SaaS insights make it fast and simple understand your SaaS estate and surface risks, so you can prioritize your security and governance efforts.

Dive deeper into our SaaS insights:
- Vendor security & risk profiles
- OAuth risk scores
- AI adoption trends
- SaaS attack surface management

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Govern your SaaS without breaking a sweat.

Leverage our SaaS security orchestration to turn an untenable pile of IT security work into simple, distributed tasks. Our automated nudges engage the right SaaS stakeholders at the right time, helping your business move fast while remaining secure and compliant.

- Aligns to modern SaaS business ownership models
- Friendly, customizable Slack and email messages
- Nudge responses are actionable, auditable

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Manage the SaaS security lifecycle for all apps and all identities with Nudge Security.

Take a closer look at our use cases.