Simple & transparent pricing

Our pricing model is simple and friendly, just like our product. All users start with a 14-day, zero-commitment, full-featured trial experience. After that, your monthly fee is based on the number of active users in your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace tenant.

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$400 / month flat rate

All customers have full access to:

Immediate SaaS asset discovery
SaaS vendor risk insights & breach alerts
OAuth grant discovery & risk scoring
Playbooks to automate tedious tasks
SaaS adoption & usage trends
Unlimited nudges to app owners & users
Notifications & security event forwarding
Unlimited Nudge Security dashboard users

"Nudge Security is the way to find out what applications your employees are actually using, and that's just not addressed completely by any other solution."

Jesse Kriss
Head of Security, Watershed

Pricing FAQ

What is an active user?

An active user refers to an active, licensed user with an associated mailbox in either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Nudge Security determines your total active user number by querying the Google Workspace API or Microsoft graph API. This information is displayed in your Nudge Security home screen.

Generally speaking, all employees are provisioned at least one user with a mailbox. Additionally, you may provision accounts with mailboxes for guest users or contract workers, mailing lists, and shared mailboxes (for example, Nudge Security actively monitors all of these users’ mailboxes to discover SaaS assets. As such, these are included in your total count of active users.

Users that are archived, deleted, or suspended, as well as groups and shared aliases are not included in your count of active users.

In our experience, organizations typically have between 1.2 and 1.5 active workspace users per employee. You can find a count of active workspace users in the admin console of your workspace provider.

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What happens if my active users exceed my plan limit?

If you the exceed the number active workspace users in your contract, we will contact you ahead of your next contract term to adjust.

Can I select or limit which users I want to monitor?

With limited exceptions for large enterprise clients and design partners, Nudge Security does not allow you to monitor only a subset of users or mailboxes in your domain.

I have multiple workspace tenants in my organization. How is my plan determined?

Generally speaking, your plan will be based on the total number of active users across all of your workspace tenants. Let us know if you are in the process of migrating or consolidating tenants, for examples, as part of a merger or acquisition. We will work with you to help ensure a smooth transition between plans.

Is there a limit of Nudge Security user seats included in my plan?

No. Your pricing plan does not change based on how many Nudge Security platform users you have. Whether you have one administrator signing in to Nudge Security or you opt to provide every employee with a personal view of their own SaaS footprints, your pricing plan remains the same.

What product features are available in each plan?

Every plan includes every feature we have to offer. Visit and subscribe to our Changelog to stay up to date on hot new features as we release them.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You have the ability at any time to delete your account and all data and revoke workspace access in your Nudge Security admin settings. If you choose to stop using Nudge Security at any time, your subscription will expire at the end of your contract period (whether monthly or annually) and will not auto-renew.