Regain control of shadow IT security risks.

Discover and secure all SaaS and cloud apps, accounts, and assets with a full inventory of all accounts ever created in your organization—by anyone, anywhere, on any device.

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Shadow IT Discovery

Generate a complete shadow IT inventory in minutes.

Employee-led SaaS and cloud adoption

Discover what technology is actually being used and who first adopted it. Nudge Security inventories and auto-categorizes all IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS assets so you can control shadow IT.

Identities and accounts

Discover all cloud and SaaS accounts, users, and authentication methods as they are created—including the ones network and endpoint security controls miss.

Deep context

Deepen your understanding of cloud and SaaS use with visibility into resources and assets within cloud services, like files, repos, Slack channels, domains, and even billing information. 

Historical use 

Look back to understand who first onboarded a SaaS application, and who might still have unauthorized SaaS access to forgotten or abandoned accounts.

OAuth grants 

Understand how data is shared across SaaS applications using OAuth grants, quickly surface overly permissive scopes, and easily revoke OAuth grants for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 that employees no longer need.
Shadow IT discovery & inventory

See what you've been missing.

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Monitor & govern shadow IT

Technology Governance

Control shadow SaaS without impeding productivity.

Ongoing shadow IT governance

Review and prioritize SaaS applications to bring into your existing IT governance framework and assess compliance with security policies.

Security nudges

Manage shadow SaaS with automated security nudges to encourage employees to onboard new accounts to centralized governance with helpful guidance.

Breach alerts

Receive alerts when cybersecurity breaches affect your SaaS supply chain, complete with breach details and recommended actions.

Real-time notifications

Get notified as new accounts are created so you can prevent shadow SaaS from sprawling out of control and ensure proper security from day one.

Security automation

Automate critical security actions both in and outside of Nudge Security by connecting our API to the rest of your security stack. 

“As more data moves to cloud and SaaS environments, threat actors are turning their sights on assets and user credentials of which security teams may have little to no awareness. Nudge Security has an innovative approach that helps security teams shore up their defenses against cloud and SaaS threats, starting at the critical point of making the unknown known.”

Chris Doman
Co-founder and CTA, Cado Security

The Power of Security Nudges

Work with employees, not against them.

  • Deliver helpful security cues based on proven behavioral science.
  • Educate employees about the importance of data security.
  • Gather real-time intel on what tools employees are using and why.

83% compliance rate with security nudges

32% compliance rate with traditional firewalls

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