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Complete visibility

Know what apps your workforce is really using. Gain full visibility on Day One for a complete SaaS asset inventory of accounts, users, activities, third-party integrations, and much more.

“Nudge Security is the way to find out what applications your employees are actually using, and that's just not addressed completely by any other solution."

Jesse Kriss
Head of Security, Watershed

SaaS governance at scale

Simplify SaaS governance with full visibility into SaaS adoption and usage. Curb SaaS sprawl, reduce wasted SaaS spend, and proactively manage risk.

“Modern CIOs face a difficult balancing act enabling a highly distributed workforce with access to data and technology while trying to control the costs and risks associated with unchecked SaaS sprawl. Nudge Security strikes the right balance and helps modern organizations like ours manage the tide of SaaS sprawl without constraining employees’ abilities to move the business forward."

AJ Beard
VP Applications and IT, Unify Consulting

Lifecycle management

Regain control of SaaS identity governance by automating and orchestrating SaaS user lifecycle management from access requests through offboarding.

"The app directory simplifies our access management process in a way that's just amazing. It provides an easy overview for our employees, shows them what applications are approved, and makes it easy for them to request access. This makes it simpler and more centralized"

Marcus Södervall
Head of Security, Stravito

SaaS security

Discover your entire SaaS attack surface, secure new accounts as they are created, and proactively manage SaaS security risks.

"As more data moves to cloud and SaaS environments, threat actors are turning their sights on assets and user credentials of which security teams may have little to no awareness. Nudge Security has an innovative approach that helps security teams shore up their defenses against cloud and SaaS threats, starting at the critical point of making the unknown known"

Chris Doman
Chris Doman, Co-founder and CTO, Cado Security

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