Nudge your workforce toward safe, compliant SaaS use.

In today’s decentralized workplace, anyone can be a SaaS admin. Nudge Security discovers and engages the right SaaS users at the right time. The result: automated, scalable SaaS security and governance.

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Gain SaaS context
Who, what, and why? Nudges give you deep insight into your SaaS estate that you can only get straight from the source: asking your users directly. All nudge responses are actionable and auditable.
Unblock productivity
Empower your workforce with new SaaS tools like genAI without gatekeeping. As users adopt new SaaS apps, nudges provide just-in-time, tailored security guidance.
Operate at scale
Redistribute your IT workload to SaaS app owners. Nudging is the most efficient way to scale your SaaS security and governance efforts across all apps and all users.
Improve compliance
Employees are 2X more likely to respond to a security nudge than comply with a security blockade. Get the research report. ->

“People’s attitudes and emotions are strong predictors of their behaviors. Security leaders are setting themselves up for failure when they implement security controls and policies under the false notion that employees will comply unconditionally, regardless of how frustrating or unreasonable they find the experience to be.”

Dr. Aaron Kay, PhD
Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Duke University

How it works

Here’s how to improve your SaaS security posture without breaking a sweat.



Connect to your Slack workspace.
Engage your workforce when and where they’re already working—on Slack or email. Employees can respond to a nudge in one click, making it easy and natural to practice good security behaviors IRL.


Send nudges âž” action on responses.
Send our pre-built nudges to one person or many in just two clicks. All nudges and responses are recorded, and certain nudge responses update your SaaS asset inventory automatically.


Put your nudges on autopilot.
Run playbooks to create “set it and forget it” automation rules to nudge employees at the right moments. Or, build and customize your own automated nudges.
Shrink that pile of SaaS admin tasks. 

An employee needs access to a SaaS tool you don’t administer. Twenty SaaS apps need to be onboarded to SSO. The work never stops—but with nudges, you can redirect simple tasks to the right SaaS owners while keeping oversight, even if they work outside of IT.

Tailor your security outreach.

Say goodbye to all-company emails and Slack bombing. With nudges, you can precision-target your requests and outreach to the right SaaS users—for example, only the account holders of an app that’s just disclosed a data breach.

Customize your nudges—or don’t.

Want to ask about SaaS use, review access, or suggest a similar approved app to use? There’s a nudge for that! Our pre-built nudges are steeped in the principles of modern psychology to encourage response and action. But of course, you can customize them as you need. 

Create a system of record for SaaS usage.

Capture a complete, audit-ready record of your users’ nudge responses and actions, including business justifications, policy reviews, exception requests, and feedback about product usage.

Use employee sentiment to help contain SaaS sprawl.

Collect information and feedback from SaaS users to help drive key decisions about how to most effectively balance SaaS risks and costs for your organization.

Discover the power of nudges.

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Nudges are part of a much bigger picture.

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