Maintain IT compliance even as your SaaS footprint changes.

Whether it’s SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS or another regulation, Nudge Security helps you streamline IT audits and ongoing IT governance efforts.

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IT Compliance

Discover and manage in-scope assets.

Eliminate blind spots.

Discover and categorize every SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS asset ever created by anyone in your org, so you can ensure a complete inventory of in-scope assets. Get alerted when new apps are introduced and apply proper IT governance from Day One.

Gather valuable context.

For every application, you’ll see important details like the first user, all users, authentication methods, MFA coverage, SSO enrollment, and more, so you can quickly identify gaps in IT compliance requirements.

Define compliance scopes. 

Classify assets that are in scope for each regulation in order to streamline IT security audit activities, reporting, and day-to-day monitoring—and sync that information with your GRC tools using our API.
Secure SaaS access

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SaaS risk management

IT Governance

Minimize IT risks from unsanctioned apps and accounts.

Provide a directory of approved applications.

Curb SaaS sprawl at the source by making it easy for your workforce to view and request access to approved SaaS apps. Access requests are routed directly to app owners, so IT doesn’t have to be the “event-forwarder,” but maintains oversight.

Automate user access reviews.

Simplify user access reviews with automation to verify who still needs access to what. Track progress via dashboards (not spreadsheets) and generate an auditor-ready report to demonstrate your repeatable process.

Clean up unused accounts.

Easily identify and remove inactive, abandoned, and duplicative SaaS accounts on an ongoing basis, so you can complete audits more quickly—and with fewer surprises.

Ensure complete offboarding.

Identify all SaaS access for departing employees and automate 90% of the manual IT effort required for offboarding, including resetting passwords for unmanaged SaaS accounts and revoking OAuth grants.

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Vendor Security Reviews

Evaluate and mitigate third-party risk.

Assess vendor security.

Reduce the burden of vendor security reviews with built-in intelligence on vendors’ security, risk, and compliance programs, including data locality and breach histories.

Get alerted of supply chain risks.

Receive breach notifications for vendors in your SaaS supply chain, and that of your SaaS providers, so you can assess potential 3rd, 4th, and nth-party vendor risk.

Manage OAuth risks.

View a full inventory of app-to-app OAuth connections, scopes, and risk scores, so you can proactively manage 3rd party data access. Revoke risky grants with just two clicks.
Saas security management

“In today's SaaS-fueled enterprise, monitoring access at the network layer is no longer enough. Nudge Security innovates beyond other cloud and SaaS security technologies by providing SaaS context quickly and efficiently, enabling security and IT professionals to modernize their SaaS governance efforts.”

Frank Dickson
Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC

The Power of Security Nudges

Work with employees, not against them.

  • Deliver helpful security cues based on proven behavioral science.
  • Educate employees about the importance of data security.
  • Gather real-time intel on what tools employees are using and why.

83% compliance rate with security nudges

32% compliance rate with traditional firewalls

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