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Immediate SaaS discovery—without heavy integration work.

Other SMP and SSPM solutions require you to supply your own SaaS inventory before any “discovery” starts. Our approach is different—all it takes is one, lightweight integration for full SaaS discovery on Day One.

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1. Connect your email provider. That’s it.

This is all you need to get started with Nudge Security. Our patented approach to SaaS discovery detects SaaS and OAuth activities with one, lightweight connection to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. No network proxies. No agents or browser plug-ins. No need to connect HRIS, SAM, CASBs, or other SaaS inventory.

2. Want more? Connect your identity provider.

For additional context, Nudge Security integrates with IdP and SSO providers to provide additional context, such as last login activities and SSO enrollment status. Easily take inventory of SSO onboarding over time and get a clear view of your unmanaged apps, including which of them support SSO and still need to be onboarded. 

3. Connect Slack to nudge SaaS users where they’re already working.

When you connect to Slack, you can engage your SaaS business owners and end users directly and automatically with guidance, tasks, and requests for info. Users can respond directly in Slack, and responses are logged in Nudge Security, making it simple and seamless to orchestrate SaaS security and governance at scale.

4. Do your own thing with our API.

‍Have more use cases in mind? With our API, you can automate more SaaS security and governance tasks, break down data silos, and get everyone on your team working with the same information. Here are just a few of the ways you can use our API, inspired by Nudge Security customers:

Centralize security visibility by correlating Nudge Security events with other datasets in your SIEM or SOAR tools, including breach alerts and risky OAuth grants.
Send Nudge Security notifications to your ticketing system to track associated work.
Streamline compliance management by automatically identifying unapproved apps that fall within compliance scopes.
Validate app approval statuses before integrating them with critical systems.
Monitor SaaS spend by creating custom attributes within Nudge Security to track cost centers and renewal statuses.
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“Using the Nudge Security API, we’ve been able to speed up security processes and connect data silos for faster, risk-informed decision making. We’re excited by the possibilities the API unlocks for our team.”

Alei Salem
Team Lead Security, gridX

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