See all the SaaS.

Know what apps your workforce is really using. Gain full visibility on Day One for a complete SaaS asset inventory of accounts, users, activities, third-party integrations, and much more.

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Eliminate shadow SaaS.
Avoid blind spots and guesswork. Discover SaaS use off network, on personal devices, in the past, and all the free stuff, too.
Know who (and what) has access.
Protect your SaaS data and user identities with a full list of users, accounts, and authentication methods, including third-party OAuth grants.
Create a SaaS source of truth.
Align everyone in your organization with a complete, continuous system of record for all of your cloud and SaaS assets.

“Nudge Security is the way to find out what applications your employees are actually using, and that's just not addressed completely by any other solution."

Jesse Kriss
Head of Security, Watershed

How it works

Meet our unrivaled, patented approach to SaaS asset discovery, with full visibility on Day One.



Fast, simple, and lightweight setup
Get started with a single point of integration: read-only API access with your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email provider. No network proxies, endpoint agents, browser plugins, app integrations, or behavior changes required.


Email analysis powered by machine learning
Our non-disruptive approach finds what other methods simply can’t: SaaS activities off network, on personal devices, and in the past. Our models can even detect new SaaS tools never seen before.


A complete, continuous SaaS asset inventory
Nudge Security continuously detects, classifies, and inventories your SaaS assets, including apps, identities, OAuth grants, resources, and much more. Rally your IT, legal, and security teams around a single source of SaaS truth that’s always up to date.
All the visibility, none of the hassle.

Stop mining network traffic logs and expense reports. Nudge Security gives you a complete SaaS asset inventory on Day One with a fast, networkless setup. Learn more ➔

See into the past.

Do ex-employees still have SaaS access? Do forgotten cloud accounts pose a risk? Nudge Security analyzes previous cloud and SaaS assets all the way back to the start of your email archive. Learn more ➔

Be the first to know.

Get alerts as your workforce starts to experiment with new SaaS apps (like GenAI) so you can stay ahead of viral adoption and ensure proper policies. Learn more ➔

Know who has SaaS access and how.

Monitor group and user SaaS identities. Know know which accounts are accessed by SSO and which have MFA enabled. Easily identify and remove inactive or non-compliant account access. Learn more ➔

Map third-party data access.

Untangle the mesh of SaaS applications connected through OAuth grants. Easily surface and revoke risky, overly permissive, and inactive OAuth grants created by employees. Learn more ➔

Discover your entire SaaS footprint in minutes.

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It all starts with discovery
—but we don’t stop there.

Explore other use cases to learn how Nudge Security enriches and acts on SaaS discovery data to help you effectively manage and secure your entire SaaS estate.

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