Love for Nudge.

Hear what customers and industry experts say about Nudge Security.

"This product is truly revolutionizing the way teams manage shadow IT across enterprise level companies."

Director of IT
Travel & Hospitality
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Aidan Finn

"Recently, I had the chance to test and review a SaaS security solution from @nudge_security. I really liked their understanding of why SaaS is used and their approach to taking control."

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Fredrick Lee
CISO at Reddit

"I’m still very very bullish on what the team at Nudge Security are building. Great founders that have lived through these security problems and also understand the need to make security lovable by the end users and security teams. If you’re in my network, you’ll definitely wanna check them out."

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"Nudge Security is the way to find out what applications your employees are actually using, and that's just not addressed completely by any other solution."

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"Easy deployment leads to quick visibility across SaaS estate."

Christopher D.
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Streamlining SaaS Governance: How Nudge Security Simplifies Compliance and Security Management for Cloud Apps

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Don Silva Sr.
CISO at Raintree Systems

"Can’t speak highly enough of Nudge. It’s the rare tool that exceeds expectations!"

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Ross Nanopoulos
Head of Security, Clerk

"Nudge Security is exactly how I want all my security products built and delivered.

✔ Sign up with free trial
✔ No sales demo required
✔ Amazing UX
✔ Transparency
✔ Immediate value through risk reduction, not just visibility"

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“Nudge Security has been a massive upgrade. It’s a great spreadsheet killer.”

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The 19 most promising cybersecurity startups of 2023, according to VCs

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"Nudge Security gives me transparent access to many accounts that I didn't even know I still had. I was especially impressed with its access to AWS accounts."

Michael M.
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Arthur Hedge
CISSP, Co-founder,
Castle Ventures Corporation

"We love Nudge. If you want to talk about it, please let me know."

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2023 SC Awards Finalist
Most Promising Early-Stage Startup
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"Nudge Security simply an outstanding product."

Healthcare & Biotech
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“Nudge Security is probably the best solution on the market I've seen for catching all the unknowns.”

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"Nudge’s two key differentiators are its approaches to the discovery and enforcement required for SaaS security and compliance. Omdia applauds the company on both counts."

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Capture the CISO Finalist
Season 2
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Marcus Södervall
Head of Security and
DPO at Stravito

"Sometimes you find a security tool that's just that good. We've recently started using Nudge Security at Stravito to help us monitor employee SaaS usage. As a cloud only and remote first organisation it is key for us to understand how and what SaaS tools our employees use.

Added bonuses are that Nudge also helps us eliminate SaaS sprawl, manage SaaS supply chain risk and monitor our attack surface. It even simplifies employee offboarding by removing all the guesswork of what SaaS tools employees have access to!"

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"I've had a consistently positive experience with Nudge Security. Its standout feature for me is the swift deployment and the immediate, tangible benefits it brings."

Earl C.
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Cybersecurity startups to watch in 2023
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"The product is exceptional and core to our compliance strategy."

Head of IT
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