Bring SaaS security risks out of the shadows.

Discover your entire SaaS attack surface, secure new accounts as they are created, and proactively manage SaaS security risks.

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Secure SaaS Access

Implement SaaS security best practices, from Day One.

Close the visibility gap.

Discover all cloud and SaaS accounts ever introduced by anyone, anywhere, and get alerted as new apps are added. For each account, see when it was created, authentication method, and other valuable context.

Expand SSO coverage.

See which apps are (and aren’t) enrolled in SSO, prioritize your onboarding efforts, and use automated workflows to bring additional apps into SSO.

Extend MFA usage.

Audit which accounts do (and don’t) have MFA enabled and send automated nudges via email or Slack to prompt app users to turn on MFA.
Secure SaaS access

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SaaS risk management

SaaS Risk Management

Uncover the risks hiding in your SaaS estate.

Assess your attack surface.

Discover all externally facing assets attackers could see including SaaS apps, cloud infrastructure, dev tools, social media accounts, and registered domains so you can assess SaaS risks. Learn more

Identify supply chain risks.

Conduct SaaS risk assessments with vendor security profiles for SaaS providers including breach history, compliance attestations, data locality, and more. See the vendors in their supply chains to understand 3rd and 4th party risks. Learn more

Mitigate OAuth risks.

View a full inventory of app-to-app OAuth connections, scopes and risk scores so you can proactively manage 3rd party data access. Revoke risky grants with just two clicks. Learn more

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SaaS Security Management

Quickly detect and respond to SaaS security incidents.

Identify anomalous activity.

Detect events that can indicate early warning of an account takeover attack, including widely resetting passwords, locking accounts, or disabling MFA.

Spot compromised credentials.

Get alerted when credentials associated with your users are exposed in a third-party data breach and take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of account takeovers.

Get notified of breaches.

Get alerted of security breaches impacting your SaaS providers, and their providers, so you can mitigate the potential impact to your users and customers.

Accelerate incident response.

Help your SOC team respond quickly to SaaS security concerns by forwarding events from Nudge Security to your downstream SIEM, SOAR, and other security analytics tools using our API.
Saas security management

“In today's SaaS-fueled enterprise, monitoring access at the network layer is no longer enough. Nudge Security innovates beyond other cloud and SaaS security technologies by providing SaaS context quickly and efficiently, enabling security and IT professionals to modernize their SaaS governance efforts.”

Frank Dickson
Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC

The Power of Security Nudges

Work with employees, not against them.

  • Deliver helpful security cues based on proven behavioral science.
  • Educate employees about the importance of data security.
  • Gather real-time intel on what tools employees are using and why.

83% compliance rate with security nudges

32% compliance rate with traditional firewalls

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