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On the Radar: Nudge Security

Download Omdia's vendor assessment of Nudge Security's SaaS security platform.

Nudge Security is a developer of security technology for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. After employing a patented approach to SaaS app discovery, it works with corporate employees, encouraging them to adopt secure and compliant SaaS usage policies, rather than seeking to impose company diktats upon them.

SaaS was already a huge market, even before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic forced millions of knowledge workers into working from home. The pandemic merely turbocharged the adoption curve, as well as compounding the problems of IT and security teams seeking to track and control SaaS usage within an organization, imposing governance and enforcing security policies.

Nudge’s approach to the challenge of securing SaaS usage within an organization and ensuring ongoing compliance combines a methodology for discovering app usage based on email analysis with an approach to enforcement that engages with employees rather than imposing corporate policy on them.

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