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Refer a friend to Nudge Security!

Give your friends the gift of complete SaaS discovery. When you refer a friend to Nudge Security, we'll send you and your friend each a free gift to say thanks. Just copy this link and share it with your network:

About our customer referral program

Our industry works on networks of trust, which means word of mouth is the most valuable way for community members to find proven solutions.

When you refer a friend to Nudge Security and they book a trial or demo, you’ll both get a thank-you gift or charitable donation of your choosing. Just share our customer referral page ( with your network, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Who is eligible?
Any Nudge Security customer can participate. 

What counts as a referral? 
Any company that books a demo or starts a trial with us through the page linked above, and lists you in the “who referred you” box. 

How are you tracking referrals? 
We’ll know you referred someone if they either tell us directly or list you as their referrer when they fill out this customer referral form.

What do I get for making a referral? What about the person I refer?
In addition to our unending gratitude, we’ll send you a link to choose either a gift you’ll enjoy or an organization to support with a charitable donation. The person you refer will get the same options—plus, to celebrate our one-year anniversary, we’re offering new customers one free month of Nudge Security through the end of 2023. 

Will the gift meet my company’s gift requirements? 
We hope so! We’ve selected gift options that align with the most common corporate policies, and you have the option to choose a charitable donation instead of a physical gift. If this is a concern, please feel free to reach out and discuss your specific situation.

Are there any limits on how many people I can refer?
No! Please share how you’ve benefited from using Nudge Security with anyone in your network.

How should I share the referral link?
Feel free to share it in whatever ways are most convenient and comfortable for you. Email, social media, Slack groups, etc are all good ways to share it.

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