Get your free SaaS sprawl inventory

Discover all SaaS & cloud assets ever created by anyone, anywhere in your organization, in minutes. No network changes, endpoint agents, or browser extensions required.

What will my inventory include?

SaaS and cloud apps introduced outside of IT
Discover what technology is actually being used across your organization and who first adopted it. Nudge Security inventories and auto-categorizes all cloud-delivered services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.
Identities and accounts
Discover all cloud and SaaS accounts, users, and authentication methods as they are created—including the ones network and endpoint security controls miss.
Deep context
Deepen your understanding of cloud and SaaS use with visibility into resources and assets within cloud services, like files, repos, Slack channels, domains, and even billing information. 
Historical use 
Look back to understand who first onboarded a SaaS application, and who might still have unauthorized SaaS access to forgotten or abandoned accounts.
OAuth grants 
Understand how data is shared across SaaS applications using OAuth grants, quickly surface overly permissive scopes, and easily revoke OAuth grants for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 that employees no longer need.
How does it work?

SaaS providers send machine-generated emails to new users and to confirm other security relevant events, making email a powerful SaaS event log.

What's required?

You’ll need to enable a read-only API connection to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, that’s it. (Requires super-admin access.)

Then what?

You’ll get a full inventory of all cloud and SaaS accounts ever created, as far back as your email history goes. And, you’ll get alerts when new apps are introduced.

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