Nudge Security automates employee offboarding, eliminating 90% of manual IT effort

A new employee offboarding playbook eliminates 90% of the time required to offboard employees’ cloud and SaaS access, including shadow IT.

AUSTIN, TX, June 14, 2023 – A recent survey of 375 IT professionals by Nudge Security revealed that 70% of organizations have experienced the impacts of incomplete employee offboarding: business disruption, security incidents, wasted SaaS spending, and retained access. At the same time, organizations spend an average of 5 hours per employee just to identify and deprovision their access to cloud and SaaS applications.

To address these challenges, Nudge Security introduced today new employee offboarding automation capabilities that eliminate 90% of the time and effort it takes to offboard employees’ cloud and SaaS access, including unsanctioned or “shadow IT” accounts. Leveraging the platform’s unique ability to continuously discover and inventory all cloud and SaaS access, Nudge Security’s new step-by-step employee offboarding playbook allows IT administrators to orchestrate and automate onerous and often overlooked tasks. This includes automatically resetting passwords for unmanaged SaaS accounts that are not in the organization’s identity provider (IdP) or single-sign on (SSO) system.

The playbook helps to turn hours of manual IT effort into to an estimated 30 minutes or less by:

  • Providing a continuous inventory of an employee’s entire cloud and SaaS footprint as well as authentication methods (SSO, OAuth, username / password) for each account
  • Automatically resetting passwords for unmanaged SaaS accounts to prevent any unauthorized access
  • Transferring ownership of critical resources like cloud accounts, registered domains and corporate social media handles to avoid disruption and orphaned accounts
  • Reviewing app-to-app OAuth integrations to ensure continuity of business-critical processes and automations
  • Orchestrating engagement with applications’ business owners to reclaim unused licenses and avoid wasted SaaS spending

“With so much volatility in the labor market, IT organizations are under immense pressure to maintain smooth business operations during workforce transitions while also ensuring that all access to corporate data and applications is known, accurate, and secure at all times,” said Russell Spitler, CEO and co-founder of Nudge Security. “By automating the hardest parts of employee offboarding—namely finding and revoking access to unmanaged SaaS—we’re helping IT organizations to modernize their operations for the demands and realities of modern work.”

To learn more, join Nudge Security on LinkedIn Live, Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 11am CT. Also, register for the live webcast, “Automate tedious IT offboarding tasks with Nudge Security” on Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 1pm CT.

About Nudge Security

​​Nudge Security helps highly distributed organizations manage SaaS security and governance at scale by working with employees, not against them. Founded in 2021 by Jaime Blasco and Russell Spitler and backed by Ballistic Ventures, Nudge Security was named a “Cybersecurity startup to watch in 2023” by CSO Magazine and a “Most promising early-stage startup” SC Awards finalist. Learn more at and follow the Nudge Security Twitter account and the Nudge Security LinkedIn page.

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