Nudge Security helps organizations embrace generative AI while mitigating risk

Nudge Security equips security teams with the visibility and tools needed to effectively implement generative AI security strategies.

AUSTIN, TX, July 18, 2023 – Organizations today use an average of six distinct generative AI applications, with ChatGPT and Jasper.AI leading in adoption. That’s according to product data from Nudge Security, a SaaS security and governance solution provider that has classified and analyzed the risk profiles of 75 generative AI SaaS providers in use by its customers to date.

The breakneck speed at which new and unknown generative AI tools are being adopted has left enterprise IT, risk, and security leaders struggling to govern and secure their use without hindering their organizations’ ability to innovate. While much of the current discussion around AI centers on creating security policies and educating employees, organizations often face difficulties implementing such strategies due to poor visibility of what AI tools are being used across the organization, how they are being used, who has access to them, and what data is being shared.

To address these challenges, Nudge Security has announced its latest offering to help organizations operationalize their generative AI security and governance strategies. With Nudge Security, organizations can:

  • Discover which generative AI tools have been introduced and by whom
  • Review each AI vendor's security and risk profile, including breach histories
  • Assess the identity security posture of generative AI user accounts, such as MFA status
  • Identify and engage employees using AI applications to understand and classify data use
  • Automatically nudge employees in real-time, guiding them toward safe and compliant AI use
  • Alert the SOC to generative AI user activities, security incidents, and anomalous events
  • Find abandoned and inactive "experimental" accounts and automate access reviews

Russell Spitler, CEO of Nudge Security, said, "IT and security organizations have struggled to keep pace with the accelerating trend of employee-led adoption of new cloud and SaaS technologies, and generative AI magnifies this challenge. Our goal is to provide these organizations with the tools they need to effectively govern generative AI use, allowing businesses to take advantage of these innovations without unchecked risk."

For more, register for the upcoming webcast at 1pm CT on Thursday, July 27, 2023, “Embrace AI securely: How to mitigate AI usage risks with Nudge Security.”

About Nudge Security

​​Nudge Security helps highly distributed organizations manage SaaS security and governance at scale by working with employees, not against them. The solution is already being used by modern organizations across a range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, technology, and entertainment. Founded in 2021 by Jaime Blasco and Russell Spitler and backed by Ballistic Ventures, Nudge Security was named a “Cybersecurity startup to watch in 2023” by CSO Magazine and a “Most promising early-stage startup” SC Awards finalist. Learn more at and follow the Nudge Security Twitter account and the Nudge Security LinkedIn page.

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