Explore security profiles for every application we've discovered and analyzed, including supply chain details, privacy policy, terms of service, GDPR compliance, breach history, and more.


PlexTrac provides cybersecurity teams unparalleled power when it comes to reporting security vulnerabilities and other risk-related findings..PlexTrac makes the pain of copy and paste a thing of the past with our Content Library..PlexTrac’s Assessments module gives security teams an intuitive and flexible interface to create questionnaires..PlexTrac’s Analytics module tells the story of security posture by aggregating and visualizing findings and their remediation statuses..PlexTrac’s Runbooks module is best-in-class for test plan execution designed to support continuous, iterative assessment..PlexTrac is the premier solution for cybersecurity consultancies and service providers offering penetration testing and red teaming services. Cut reporting time in half and keep your team focused on the real security work with PlexTrac’s powerful reporting and workflow platform..PlexTrac is the perfect complement to the managed security service provider (MSSP) tech stack, offering everything needed to support a variety of services and to more efficiently manage the workflows of reporting and collaboration among the MSSP team and their clients..PlexTrac supercharges the efforts of cybersecurity teams of any size in the battle against attackers..PlexTrac is a Series B funded scaleup company seeking professionals across our engineering, sales, product, marketing, and administrative teams to help us achieve our mission to empower teams to win the right cybersecurity battles.

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