Regain control of SaaS identity governance.

Extend your SaaS identity and access management efforts with Nudge Security. Automate and orchestrate SaaS user lifecycle management, from access requests through offboarding.

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SaaS Identity and Access Management

Bring SaaS accounts and identities under IT governance

Know who has access to what—and how.

Nudge Security discovers all SaaS apps, accounts, and authentication methods, giving you a complete and continuous SaaS asset inventory from Day One.

Identify SaaS owners.

As SaaS ownership shifts away from IT, Nudge Security helps you identify and engage the right stakeholders at the right time to orchestrate SaaS identity governance and administration tasks.

Unravel the SaaS-to-SaaS mesh.

Nudge Security discovers, classifies, and calculates risk scores for your OAuth integrations, helping you to fully discover and govern SaaS data access.

Track access and security for groups.

Google and Microsoft groups are commonly used for shared access to cloud and SaaS accounts. Nudge Security helps you keep tabs on group membership, accounts, and security settings.
SaaS identity & access management

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Secure SaaS access

Secure SaaS Access

Streamline and scale access management workflows.

Streamline SSO onboarding.

Nudge Security integrates with identity providers like Okta and Azure Active Directory, so you can easily identify which SaaS apps and accounts use SSO vs. username/password and track your SSO onboarding efforts.

Achieve “MFA everywhere.”

Credential theft is the leading cause of data breaches. Mitigate this risk by auditing MFA status for all SaaS accounts and automatically nudging employees to enable MFA as they sign up for new ones.

Gets alerts on stolen credentials.

Nudge Security surfaces SaaS user credentials that have been discovered in data breaches, so you can respond early and proactively. And, you'll be alerted of anomalous events like password resets or MFA disablement across multiple SaaS accounts.

Auto-revoke risky OAuth access.

Set-it-and-forget-it OAuth grants can introduce risk and unnecessary sprawl. Nudge Security makes it simple to conduct OAuth access reviews and auto-revoke unused or risky grants.

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SaaS User Lifecycle Management

Manage the complete SaaS lifecycle.

Streamline SaaS access requests.

Enable your workforce to view and request access to approved SaaS apps in one click with our SaaS app directory. Send access requests directly to app owners and eliminate the usual backlog of IT service request tickets while maintaining oversight.

Accelerate SaaS user access reviews.

Support your compliance efforts with simple user access review nudges and playbooks. Responses are actionable and recorded for audit-ready reporting.

Clean up unused accounts.

Easily identify and remove inactive, abandoned, and duplicative SaaS accounts with a playbook purpose-built to help you contain SaaS sprawl, cost, and risk.

Offboard employees faster.

Identify all SaaS access and eliminate 90% of the manual IT effort required to fully offboard employees who exit or change roles. Orchestrate access removals to avoid orphaned accounts and reclaim SaaS licenses. Automate password resets for unmanaged SaaS accounts.
SaaS user lifecycle management

“Corporate data and identities are now spread across a mesh of hundreds of SaaS applications. Modern security teams need a way to discover and govern this complex attack surface, and Nudge Security has built a platform to do this in a novel, practical, and scalable way.”

Steve Zalewski
CISO advisor and former CISO, Levi Strauss

The Power of Security Nudges

Work with employees, not against them.

  • Deliver helpful security cues based on proven behavioral science.
  • Educate employees about the importance of data security.
  • Gather real-time intel on what tools employees are using and why.

83% compliance rate with security nudges

32% compliance rate with traditional firewalls

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