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Automate tedious IT offboarding tasks with Nudge Security

Watch our demo and see how Nudge Security's playbook reduces offboarding time by 90%.

Date & Time
June 22 at 1pm CT

As SaaS adoption has exploded, so have the number of apps employees use that IT may not know about. When employees leave an organization, it can be nearly impossible for IT teams to ensure that all access has been revoked and ownership of all critical resources has been transitioned. Until now.

Leveraging our patent-pending ability to discover and inventory all cloud and SaaS accounts, our new IT offboarding playbook automates tedious, time-consuming, and often overlooked tasks, such as:

  • Identifying SaaS accounts outside of those managed by IT
  • Resetting passwords en masse to prevent unauthorized access
  • Transferring ownership of critical resources to avoid business disruptions
  • Reclaiming unused SaaS licenses or seats to avoid wasted spending
  • Reviewing and revoking app-to-app OAuth integrations

Watch our demo to see how it works, and how you can reduce offboarding time and effort by up to 90% with Nudge Security.

Danielle Russell
VP, Product Management & Marketing
Garrett Gross
Head of Product Management

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