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Discover and secure all SaaS apps with Nudge Security

Get instant visibility into all SaaS & cloud accounts ever created at your org.

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SaaS applications are making work faster, easier, and more collaborative for teams scattered all over the globe. It's pretty great…unless you're the person who has to manage and secure all those apps. 

Watch our demo to learn how Nudge Security gives you instant visibility into all SaaS and cloud accounts ever created at your organization, along with the ability to nudge employees toward more secure practices.

You’ll see how our platform can help you:

  • Discover all SaaS & cloud accounts
  • View first user, privileged users, and all users
  • Audit SSO & MFA status along with OAuth grants
  • Identify accounts of former employees for deactivation
  • Review vendor breach histories and get alerted of new incidents
Danielle Russell
Head of Product Marketing
Garrett Gross
Head of Product Management

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