From Chaos to Control: Managing SaaS Sprawl with Nudge Security

Save time, save money, and reduce risk by automating the process of identifying and removing unused SaaS accounts.

Date & Time
August 31 at 1pm CT

The struggle is real when it comes to SaaS sprawl. Our research shows that the average employee creates a new SaaS account every two weeks. For an organization of 100 people, that’s 200 new SaaS accounts per month, causing rapid expansion of budgets, security risks and operational complexity.

However, getting a full picture of the SaaS estate is challenging. That’s where Nudge Security shines. In minutes, you’ll have a full inventory of all cloud and Saas assets ever created by anyone, along with automation to continuously contain SaaS sprawl.

Watch our webcast to discover how Nudge Security makes it easy to:

  • Save costs by identifying unused and redundant SaaS accounts 
  • Minimize risk by limiting the SaaS attack surface and risky OAuth grants
  • Drive efficiency by engaging app owners in user administration tasks
  • Improve SaaS governance with a continuous, automated process
Danielle Russell
VP, Product Management & Marketing
Garrett Gross
Head of Product Management

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