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How to simplify 5 tedious IT governance tasks with Nudge Security

Accelerate vendor reviews, streamline access requests, and automate employee offboarding.

Date & Time
June 13 at 1pm CT

With the explosion of SaaS sprawl in most organizations, tasks related to IT governance across this growing and varied SaaS estate are piling up. This presents a huge challenge for centralized IT teams who are held responsible for managing and securing app access, but can't possibly keep up with the sheer volume of tasks.

Modern IT teams need a way to orchestrate SaaS identity governance at scale while maintaining visibility and control. Nudge Security makes this possible with immediate discovery of all SaaS assets and automated workflows to save time and make identity governance manageable at scale.

In this webcast, we’ll demonstrate how Nudge Security helps you:

  • Accelerate vendor security reviews
  • Streamline access request workflows
  • Automate user access reviews and removal of unused accounts
  • Deliver acceptable use guidance to users of GenAI tools
  • Automate access deprovisioning for departing employees
Danielle Russell
VP, Product Management & Marketing

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