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SaaS attack surface management

Learn how to proactively discover, monitor, and secure your SaaS footprint.

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The modern attack surface is a SaaS attack surface—and it’s changing constantly. Organizations need new ways to manage and secure this amorphous attack surface, and Nudge Security helps you do just that.

Watch our founders demonstrate how Nudge Security helps you see what attackers can see, so you can take proactive steps to limit and protect your SaaS attack surface.

You’ll learn how our platform can help you:

  • Inventory all publicly exposed SaaS applications
  • Discover all cloud infrastructure and source code repositories
  • Collect all domains and subdomains ever registered for your organization
  • View your full SaaS supply chain, including breach histories
  • Get alerted of new apps, accounts, and breaches in real time
Russ Spitler
CEO & Co-founder
Jaime Blasco
CTO & Co-founder

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