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Whose app is it anyway?

How to regain control of SaaS identity governance with Nudge Security

Date & Time
February 15 at 1pm CT

Every SaaS account created by your employees represents a new “identity” with unique permissions, compliance implications, and data governance risks. Meanwhile, OAuth grants add another layer of complexity, enabling data sharing across apps without direct human oversight. This leads to an expanding mesh of interconnectivity that would make anyone’s head spin.

So…how do you put the genie back in the bottle? We can’t grant you a wish, but we can give you the capabilities you need to manage SaaS identities and governance at scale.

Watch our webcast to see how Nudge Security can help you:

  • Discover all SaaS identities for every employee
  • Surface risky OAuth grants and revoke them where needed
  • Broaden adoption of MFA and SSO to secure accounts
  • Visualize and minimize your SaaS attack surface
  • Streamline user lifecycle management, from onboarding to offboarding
Danielle Russell
VP, Product Management & Marketing

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