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Expand your Okta reach with Nudge Security.

Nudge Security helps you accelerate Okta onboarding with automated workflows. Easily track your SSO enrollment progress and see an inventory of your unmanaged apps alongside your SSO-managed apps for more complete visibility of your organization’s SaaS identities. 

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Gain full SaaS visibility in minutes.

How many apps in your environment support SSO enrollment and still need to be onboarded to Okta? By integrating Nudge Security with Okta, you can get full visibility of your SSO enrollment progress and track improvement over time. Nudge Security discovers every cloud and SaaS application as it’s introduced into your organization and automatically determines which ones have already been enrolled in Okta, which ones still need to be onboarded, and which authentication types each app supports.
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Streamline SSO enrollment with automated playbooks.

Nudge Security provides a purpose-built playbook to streamline Okta onboarding with automation. The playbook shows you eligible apps that still need to be onboarded, identifies the primary admin of each app, and nudges them to set up time with your Okta admin for onboarding. You can prioritize applications for onboarding by category or based on the specific authentication types they support, including SAML, SCIM, SWA, and OIDC.
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Trigger SSO enrollment workflows automatically.

Any time a user signs up for a new app, Nudge Security can automatically nudge the app owner to kick off SSO onboarding by setting up time with your designated Okta admin. Because Nudge Security identifies the primary admin of each new app automatically, your team can focus on onboarding instead of wasting time identifying apps to onboard, tracking down each app owner individually, and coordinating calendars.
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Offboard Okta-managed apps in one click.

When an employee departs, just disabling Okta access isn’t enough. It’s important to offboard all of the employee’s SaaS access—including apps authenticated using Okta, OAuth, and even email and password. Nudge Security’s offboarding playbook enables you to revoke all those forms of access automatically. Since disabling Okta access doesn’t automatically delete associated accounts, the playbook also helps you clean up orphaned data and reclaim licenses.
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Sign in with Okta—SSO-tax free!

If your organization uses Okta SSO to authenticate to business-critical SaaS, security tools will be at the top of that list. Nudge Security makes it easy to configure authentication with Okta so your team can sign into Nudge Security using Okta SSO. Best of all, we don’t charge an SSO tax. All Nudge Security customers can login with Okta with no additional cost.
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