Monitor for SaaS app outages with our new app health statuses

Verify SaaS app statuses and proactively notify users of app outages.

December 20, 2023

It's Monday at 9am and you've just settled in with a cup of coffee to focus on an important project you've been trying to finish up when it happens: you’re hit with a flurry of Slack messages, tickets, desk drive-bys, or emails asking why a critical SaaS service isn’t working. What’s going on? As more tickets and queries flow in, you’re stuck scrambling for answers as work grinds to a halt, both for you and for any other affected users. 

Modern business continuity depends on uninterrupted access to SaaS applications. Unfortunately, SaaS sprawl can introduce a cascade of challenges for security and IT teams when crucial apps experience downtime. Disruptions can easily go unnoticed until end-users reach out, leading to delays in issue identification and resolution. When users finally do report problems, troubleshooting takes valuable time. It can be challenging to know where to look for answers.  And, sometimes IT isn’t even aware the app was being used, in which case it can be even more challenging to assess the impact of the outage.

How Nudge Security can help

We’ve added new app health statuses to give you a real-time view of the availability of the SaaS applications used across your organization. Security and IT teams can now proactively identify if a SaaS service is experiencing disruptions, enabling them to swiftly notify users and take action to minimize the impact to productivity. 

Our new health statuses represent our latest stride in providing you with the tools you need to manage your SaaS estate with confidence. 

With an overview of app health, you can:

  • Get continuous insights: Proactively monitor the operational status of SaaS apps in use across your organization.
  • Respond proactively: Notify employees when critical apps have outages, instead of manually Googling for answers once users start to complain. 
  • Reduce the risk of disruption: Identify potential security or operational risks associated with outages and take preemptive measures to mitigate them. 

Take a tour of the functionality below, or read on to learn more.

See the status of every application in use across your organization at-a-glance. 

Nudge Security discovers and inventories all the cloud and SaaS applications your employees are using, including shadow IT and other apps that fall outside of central IT management. 

Now, you can also proactively monitor and report on the real-time status of those applications and see at a glance if one of them has an outage. No more bookmarking the status pages for hundreds of apps, or subscribing individually to their status updates. Nudge Security brings the status updates to you.

Respond effectively with contextual information related to each app. 

Nudge Security provides an overview of each application in your environment, helping you understand what areas of the business may be affected by an outage as well as whether the impact may extend to any other apps. For example, you can drill down to view OAuth grants associated with an application experiencing a service disruption to determine the scope of the potential impact. 

Notify affected users proactively. 

Nudge Security shows you which employees are using each application, helping you identify who needs to know when an outage occurs.

See Nudge Security in action

Curious? Simply claim your free, 14-day trial, configure access for your organization, and start monitoring the operational health of your organization’s SaaS footprint.

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