Cut your users some slack: Using Slack to extend your SaaS security strategy

Nudge Security is leading the way in creating a security tool that’s designed for everyone, and that means meeting users where they are.

Modern teams often communicate over business chat applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams. In fact, the majority of people prefer these apps over email, according to a recent report by Spiceworks, and Slack has shared that 77 percent of the Fortune 100 use Slack Connect.

Given the ubiquity of chat apps at work, many security and IT teams already rely on Slack as an ad-hoc signal to understand what SaaS applications their workforce is using and who’s using them. In fact, Slack is one of the most common sources we hear when we ask customers how they discovered new SaaS apps before finding Nudge Security.

When a new breach happens and security teams need to discover if anyone is using a vulnerable tool, they frequently turn to Slack to hunt for clues. IT teams often keep an eye out on Slack for chatter that tips them off to new applications that didn’t make their way through formal procurement processes. During a SOC 2 access review, they might try to track down which user has admin access for an app that isn’t centrally managed by hunting through public conversations, or just resort to reaching out to people directly to seek out the answers they need.

For Nudge Security, Slack represents a powerful channel to communicate with the admins using our product and keep them notified in the space where they’re already working – and also to reach end users directly without disrupting the pace of modern work.

That’s why we’ve released a new Slack integration that makes it easy for employees to respond to nudges in a trusted place where they’re already working. Using our Slack integration, you can nudge users with Slack messages to find out why they’ve started using new apps, propose an approved alternative, or ask everyone using an app to turn on MFA. It’s fast and easy for employees to respond directly in Slack. Meanwhile, you can track employees' responses within Nudge Security and customize your own notifications so you receive alerts in Slack as well. Check out this interactive demo to see how it works.

Nudge Security is leading the way in creating a security tool that’s designed for every employee to use, giving them visibility and autonomy to help secure your organization’s SaaS footprint.

Nudge Security helps you meet users where modern work is happening and engage users effectively in your SaaS security program. We’re already seeing the difference it makes  – even within Nudge Security, our own team’s responses are more consistent when the nudges come from Slack.

Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself with a free 14-day trial.

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