SaaS security & governance that pays for itself

Let's talk about ROI.

How many employees work at your company? Use the slider below to see the likely scope of your SaaS sprawl, and how much Nudge Security could save you in wasted SaaS spend.


Estimated number of cloud and SaaS user accounts, both active and inactive, your employees have created.


Estimated time Nudge Security could save your team in auditing and securing the existing apps and accounts at your company.


Estimated amount per year Nudge Security could save your organization in wasted spend on underutilized or over-deployed SaaS licenses.

At a cost of only $4/mailbox per month, it's easy to see how Nudge Security can pay for itself. See pricing.

"Nudge Security is the way to find out what applications your employees are actually using, and that's just not addressed completely by any other solution."

Jesse Kriss
Head of Security, Watershed

We’re helping our customers to modernize SaaS governance and security.


Curbing shadow IT is a manual, disruptive, and delayed forensics process (if done at all).

Employees are frustrated by archaic IT policies. They find workarounds or worse—new jobs.

Spreadsheets are used to track compliance scope, access reviews, SSO enrollment, and more.

Third-party vendor risk assessments are conducted infrequently with stale vendor data.

Employees retain access or leave orphaned accounts when exiting or changing roles. 


SaaS assets are discovered and categorized as soon as they are created, anywhere, any device.

Embrace employee-led SaaS adoption without losing oversight or adding overhead.

SaaS security workflows run automatically. Dashboards make it easy to track progress and report.

SaaS vendor risk, supply chain, and breach data is gathered continuously and independently.

Employee offboarding is streamlined and secure, with automated workflows to transition accounts and owned resources.