Discover and secure unmanaged cloud accounts.

Discover all of the AWS, Azure, and GCP accounts your developers have ever created—including the ones they forgot about—and easily enroll them all into your centralized cloud governance organizations.

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Cloud Discovery

Map your multi-cloud environment.

Cloud accounts

Nudge Security continuously discovers and inventories all of the cloud assets created by your employees—even the rogue or unmanaged cloud accounts.

Cloud resources

Centrally track cloud services, domains, organizations, and other cloud resources across even the most complex, multi-cloud environments.

Historical views

Don’t wait for a cryptominer to find abandoned and forgotten cloud accounts. Nudge Security automatically discovers historical cloud assets and owners.

Cloud billing data

Find out how much you’re really spending on cloud services—without having to review a single expense report.
Cloud and SaaS discovery

See what you've been missing.

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Automated SaaS security

Automated Workflows

Centralize your cloud governance.

Rogue cloud accounts 

Nudge Security makes it simple to bring all of your discovered rogue cloud accounts under centralized governance in just a few clicks.

Cloud access reviews

Conduct periodic access reviews and encourage your technical teams to transfer or delete cloud assets they no longer use.

Nudges and notifications

Detect new AWS accounts as they’re created, automatically nudging employees to onboard their accounts to centralized governance with helpful guidance.

“Nudge Security innovates beyond other cloud and SaaS security technologies by providing SaaS context quickly and efficiently across all applications and user accounts, managed and unmanaged, enabling security and IT professionals to modernize their SaaS governance efforts.”

Frank Dickson
Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC

The Power of Security Nudges

Work with employees, not against them.

  • Deliver helpful security cues based on proven behavioral science.
  • Educate employees about the importance of data security.
  • Gather real-time intel on what tools employees are using and why.

83% compliance rate with security nudges

32% compliance rate with traditional firewalls

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