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How to decipher OAuth and app-to-app integration risks

Learn the fundamentals of OAuth risk management using Nudge Security.

Date & Time
September 21 at 1pm CT

OAuth grants make it incredibly easy to connect one app to another to share data, enable automation and simplify workflows. However, this interconnectivity makes it extremely difficult to answer the fundamental question, “who (and what apps) have access to what?” And, attackers are taking advantage of this complexity to move from one app to another.

Watch this webcast to learn the fundamentals of OAuth risk management. We’ll cover:

  • How to analyze OAuth grants to assess risk
  • Important nuances of OAuth scopes and consent types
  • Ways that OAuth can be abused in SaaS supply chain attacks
  • Methods to hunt and investigate malicious OAuth grants
  • How to audit, assess and revoke OAuth grants with Nudge Security
Jaime Blasco
CTO & Co-founder
Julia Kisielius
Principal Product Marketing Manager

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