How to simplify 5 tedious IT governance tasks with Nudge Security

Learn how you can automate employee offboarding, accelerate vendor security reviews, streamline access requests, and more.

1. Vendor security reviews

Use our thousands of SaaS vendor security profiles to help you make faster, risk-informed decisions about whether apps meet your corporate guidelines.

“It was a huge benefit to be able to plug in Nudge Security and see what was already in use. But it’s not just about historical discovery. I  wanted to know when people started using new applications without having to implement a heavyweight approval process."

Jesse Kriss
Head of Security, Watershed

2. Access provisioning

Provide an inventory of approved applications and allow employees to submit access requests directly from Nudge Security.

"The app directory simplifies our access management process in a way that's just amazing. It provides an easy overview for our employees, shows them what applications are approved, and makes it easy for them to request access. This makes it simpler and more centralized."

Marcus Södervall
Head of Security, Stravito

3. User access reviews

Automate user access reviews and user lifecycle management tasks like onboarding, access requests, offboarding, and more.

"Nudge Security’s trial was very easy to set up. The first value right out of the box was something I knew was going to happen: We had 16 people with licenses for two different applications that offer the same capabilities. We were paying double for something we shouldn’t have been using in the first place."

Chris Castaldo
CISO, Crossbeam

4. Acceptable use guidance

Empower your employees to embrace the productivity benefits of GenAI tools and make informed choices to avoid AI risks.

"Modern CIOs face a difficult balancing act enabling a highly distributed workforce with access to data and technology while trying to control the costs and risks associated with unchecked SaaS sprawl. Nudge Security helps modern organizations like ours manage the tide of SaaS sprawl without constraining employees’ abilities to move the business forward."

AJ Beard
VP Applications and IT, Unify Consulting

5. Employee offboarding

Eliminate 90% of the time and effort it normally takes to find and offboard cloud and SaaS access, including shadow IT.

"Nudge Security’s automated offboarding playbook is pretty important and interesting for our IT team. Now we can make sure we offboard employees thoroughly without taking time away from other priorities."

Alei Salem
Team Lead Security, gridX

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