Nudge Security unlocks thousands of SaaS security profiles

We’ve unlocked thousands of SaaS vendor security profiles to help you make faster, risk-informed decisions about whether apps meet your corporate guidelines.

To date, Nudge Security has profiled over 97 thousand unique SaaS apps, giving our customers access to robust, actionable security context with our unrivaled SaaS discovery capabilities.

How is that different from what you’ll see from other SaaS security and SaaS management vendors? It’s a matter of quality, not just quantity. And with our massive database of SaaS vendor security profiles, you gain access to our proprietary, AI-powered risks insights you won’t find anywhere else. 

Nudge Security maintains a robust SaaS vendor security database, with SaaS supply chain data and breach history for each app, giving you superior visibility of the SaaS providers in your environment. We also help you act on that information by alerting you to data breaches in your SaaS supply chain, enabling scalable app administration through nudges, and providing automated playbooks for SaaS best practices.

Nudge Security delivers an overview of each SaaS app we discover in your environment, pairing critical usage data with security profiles that can help you shortcut SaaS governance decisions.

Until now, we’ve limited these security profiles to apps used within your organization. 

Today, we’ve unlocked our SaaS security database so you can be more proactive about SaaS providers before they show up in your environment. Now, when you search for apps your organization isn’t using (yet), you’ll be able to access thousands of security profiles that can help you make faster, better decisions about whether they meet your corporate guidelines. 

Each security profile includes an app description, key vendor details, security certifications, security program links, supported authentication methods, SaaS supply chain services, and a summary of known breaches. Using the information in the profiles we’ve exposed, you can:

  • Accelerate vendor risk assessments with information you need in one place—no digging required. 
  • Make sure the vendors you’re evaluating meet your compliance requirements, before your employees start using them.
  • Investigate acquisition targets’ security programs and public supply chains.

In addition to making our full database of security profiles available to all users, we’ve overhauled our global search function, making it even easier for you to find both new apps and your organization’s existing SaaS apps, accounts, resources, and users. 

See for yourself in the interactive demo below, and then read on for a closer look. 

1. Search Nudge Security’s database for apps you’re using—and apps you’re not.

From your main Nudge Security dashboard, search for any app—whether it’s in use at your organization or not. 

If your results include an app that isn’t in use at your organization, your results will include a handy flag indicating, “This app is not in your organization.” 

When you search for apps your organization is already using, you’ll see a list of app profiles, accounts, resources, and OAuth grants that are relevant to your search. Our global search enhancements have made these search results cleaner and more actionable. 

2. Understand who (and what) has access to your environment.

For each of the apps already in use at your organization, Nudge Security provides an app overview that includes information on any user accounts, OAuth grants, and resources associated with the app.

On average, we discover 32 accounts and 16 OAuth grants per employee, including four OAuth grants with data sharing permissions. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry—we offer a variety of automated capabilities to help you manage SaaS sprawl, OAuth risks, and SaaS identity governance at your organization. 

3. Gain security visibility of any app—even the ones your organization isn’t using (yet).

For apps your organization isn’t already using, Nudge Security provides vendor security profiles to help you evaluate apps more quickly. To find this information for apps your organization uses, click on the “Security” tab within the app overview. 

Each security profile includes an app category and description, along with available organization details such as the corporate headquarters, legal terms, and hosting details. 

You can also view information about the vendor’s security program, including compliance certifications and security links related to the vendor’s public support for security engagement. These may include links like their terms of service, privacy policy, corporate security page, and status page.

4. Dig into each app’s SaaS supply chain.

Nudge Security provides critical capabilities to help you manage your SaaS attack surface, including SaaS supply chain visibility. This information is available within each SaaS security profile—and you can even click through each supply chain app to see its associated security profile. 

Understanding an app's SaaS supply chain can help you assess and manage data security risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 

5. Learn about each app’s breach history (and be alerted to breaches affecting your own supply chain). 

When an app in use at your organization experiences a data breach, it can put your own organization’s security at risk. Nudge Security alerts you when apps your employees are using experience a data breach—or the apps in their supply chains. 

Within each security profile, you can see an overview of the app’s breach history, or a green thumbs up if there are no known breaches. 

Ready to learn more? 

Start a 14-day free trial to see for yourself how Nudge Security can help you manage third-party risk and strengthen your organization’s SaaS security posture.

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