Verify or update technical contacts with a new nudge

November 15, 2023

Nudge Security designates a technical contact for every app in your environment. This should be someone with administrative privileges within the app who can serve as the point-person for all questions and requests related to the technical aspects of managing that app, including access controls. While the first user of an app can often fill that role, employee turnover and team changes can sometimes make it challenging to figure out who to turn to for help with tasks like onboarding or offboarding users.

Now, we’ve introduced a new nudge to help you find and validate the right technical contact for an app. With this nudge, you can send an email or Slack message to the person currently designated as an app's technical contact asking them to confirm whether or not they’re the right person for that role. If they aren’t the right contact, they’ll have the opportunity to identify the right contact, helping you keep this information up to date.

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