SaaS security for a modern, distributed workforce

Discover and secure every cloud and SaaS asset ever created—without network changes, endpoint agents, or browser extensions. 

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We’re helping our customers to modernize SaaS governance and security.


Curbing shadow IT is a manual, disruptive, and delayed forensics process (if done at all).

Employees are frustrated by archaic IT policies. They find workarounds or worse—new jobs.

Spreadsheets are used to track compliance scope, access reviews, SSO enrollment, and more.

Third-party vendor risk assessments are conducted infrequently with stale vendor data.

Employees retain access or leave orphaned accounts when exiting or changing roles. 


SaaS assets are discovered and categorized as soon as they are created, anywhere, any device.

Embrace employee-led SaaS adoption without losing oversight or adding overhead.

SaaS security workflows run automatically. Dashboards make it easy to track progress and report.

SaaS vendor risk, supply chain, and breach data is gathered continuously and independently.

Employee offboarding is streamlined and secure, with automated workflows to transition accounts and owned resources.

Key features

SaaS Discovery

Gain full SaaS visibility in minutes.

Discover your entire SaaS attack surface: managed and unmanaged accounts, users, OAuth connections, resources, and more in literal minutes. Be alerted as new SaaS accounts are created—anytime, anywhere, any device. 

Simply connect to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to get started with our patented approach to SaaS discovery—zero network changes, endpoint agents, or browser extensions required.
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Nudge Security SaaS asset discovery
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SaaS Identity & Access

Know who has access to what and how.

Amplify your SaaS identity governance and administration efforts with a historical and continuous record of SaaS accounts and users, including first and privileged users. Automate SaaS access reviews for SOC 2 compliance, starting with smart app categorization to accelerate your work. 

Nudge Security monitors MFA and SSO enrollment across your SaaS estate, so you can easily track your progress.
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Vendor Risk Insights

Manage your SaaS security posture with continuous insights.

Conduct SaaS vendor security assessments and prepare for compliance audits faster with our built-in SaaS classification and risk insights, including breach data and SaaS supply chain maps.

Only Nudge Security maps your SaaS supply chain automatically, so you can quickly determine if you are in the blast radius of a third- or fourth-party supply chain attack.
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SaaS supply chain risk data
SaaS attack surface management data
SaaS Attack Surface Management

Monitor your attack surface beyond the network edge.

Your modern attack surface extends to every SaaS app, user identity, and OAuth grant used by your workforce to run your products and grow your business. The network vantage point is no longer enough. That’s why Nudge Security discovers and monitors your entire SaaS attack surface as it changes, including your SaaS supply chain, internet-facing SaaS apps and domains, corporate social media accounts, and much more.
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Security Guidance

Curb SaaS sprawl at the source—your employees.

Our research confirms what you knew all along: limiting employees’ access to SaaS applications leads to frustration and shadowy workarounds.

Instead, help your workforce to make secure choices with timely, helpful guidance as they adopt and use SaaS. Nudging helps employees flex their security skills in real-world scenarios while freeing time for IT, security, and governance teams. It’s the fastest, friendliest way to scale SaaS security in modern organizations. Learn more ➔

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Onboard apps to Okta
SaaS Operations Management

Automate your SaaS security efforts.

The last thing you need is another security product that creates overhead for your team. Our built-in playbooks automate workflows for common SaaS security tasks, like initiating SSO onboarding, conducting SOC 2 access reviews, centralizing AWS accounts in AWS Organizations, offboarding departing employees, and more, so you can ditch the task lists and spreadsheets. Plus, our API enables cross-platform automation and data sharing with your SIEM, SOAR, ticketing system, GRC tool, business intelligence platform, SSO provider, and everything else in your security stack. Learn more ➔

How it works

The A-ha!

SaaS providers send machine-generated emails to users (think:, making email a powerful SaaS event log.


to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 one time. That’s it.


all cloud and SaaS accounts, historically and continuously.


providers’ risk postures, supply chains, and breach data in actionable dashboards.


your employees toward better security behaviors with automated, real-time outreach.


common SaaS security tasks with playbooks that initiate time-saving workflows.

What impact could Nudge Security have on your organization?

How many employees work at your company? Use the slider below to see the likely scope and impact of your SaaS sprawl.


Estimated number of cloud and SaaS user accounts, both active and inactive, your employees have created.


Estimated time Nudge Security could save your team in auditing and securing the existing apps and accounts at your company.


Estimated amount per year Nudge Security could save your organization in wasted spend on underutilized or over-deployed SaaS licenses.

Frequently asked questions

Does Nudge Security block new or unsanctioned SaaS use?

Listen, we didn’t set out to build another security technology that sits between your employees and their work. Besides, tools that block access to SaaS applications didn’t solve shadow IT problems, they just pushed SaaS usage deeper into the shadows.

Nudge Security does not block or limit access to SaaS applications. Instead, we make it easy and automated for you to reach out to employees as soon as they start playing around with new SaaS tools, so you can guide them towards sound security decisions, whether that’s to enable security settings, use an alternative application, or even delete the account. As research shows, security nudges lead to better security outcomes than blockades.

Why is Nudge Security better than the alternatives?

Other companies focused on SaaS security management include Wing Security, Grip Security, Valence Security, Push Security, and Lumos. Nudge Security's patented discovery method allow us to find the shadow IT other providers can't, and its AI-powered SaaS vendor security profiles enrich that data with actionable insights. And unlike the alternatives, Nudge Security believes that every employee has the potential to support an organization's cybersecurity posture. Nudge Security's approach is founded on the belief that the best way to scale SaaS security and governance is to harness the power of the modern workforce.

What’s the difference between Nudge Security and a CASB?

Unlike a CASB or SASE solution, Nudge Security does not touch the corporate network or endpoints. It does not require your employees to be on a VPN or corporate network to work, nor does it require you to do an enterprise roll-out of an agent. It just works no matter what device the employee is using or where they are using it from.

Nudge Security takes a different approach to SaaS security—one that puts employees at the center of their own SaaS adoption and use. We use a lightweight, non-disruptive method to detect new SaaS accounts and help IT security teams to automate outreach to employees, nudging them to use an alternative application, enable MFA, or provide additional context about their SaaS use. Read more on our comparison page.

What’s the difference between Nudge Security and a SaaS security posture management (SSPM) or SaaS management platform (SPM)?

Most SaaS security and SaaS management platforms require that you already know which applications are in use in your organization. Nudge Security starts with SaaS discovery, so you can work to secure your entire SaaS estate, not just the vendors that procurement knows about. Some solutions do provide some pseudo-discovery capabilities, often relying on expense reports (hello? freemium apps?) or integration with a CASB or network monitoring tool. If you already have an SSPM or SPM solution that you like, Nudge Security is a great complementary service.

The other main delta is that SSPM and SPM tools often work by connecting directly with the SaaS applications they govern and often boast the number of integrations they support: 5, 20, a whopping 20. Yet, there are some 20,000 SaaS companies on the market today and rising. It’s a sisyphean approach to solving the SaaS security problem. Nudge Security takes a different approach, one that focuses on securing the long tail of SaaS applications by first engaging employees in basic security hygiene tasks like enabling MFA.

Read more about Nudge v. SSPM and Nudge v. SMP on our comparison pages.

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