Employee Offboarding

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We’ve enhanced our playbook for employee offboarding with the ability to have multiple active playbooks in progress at the same time. Now, you can start the playbook for one departing employee, save your progress, start one or more others, and go back and forth between them.

To provide customers with more granular access controls, Nudge Security has added a new user role that enables use of the employee offboarding playbook without requiring administrative access. Now, Nudge Security provides the following user roles:

  • Personal View - Visibility limited to the user’s individual SaaS accounts
  • Organizational View - Visibility of all SaaS across the organization and the ability to run playbooks, with the exception of Employee Offboarding
  • (new) Organizational View plus Employee Offboarding - Visibility of all SaaS across the organization and the ability to run all playbooks, including Employee Offboarding
  • Administrator - All of the access listed above as well as administrative controls, such as the ability to invite new users, manage user roles, and change organizational settings

We’ve just released a new playbook that guides you through complete employee offboarding in alignment with Google and Microsoft best practices and automates common SaaS offboarding tasks, so you can transition employees securely and completely every time. 

Now, you can:

  • Streamline employee lifecycle changes with a step-by-step playbook that gives you automated workflows and a single system of record for SaaS offboarding. 
  • Set remaining employees up for success by transitioning access to critical resources and accounts. 
  • Avoid business disruptions or surprise bills by making sure all of your departing employee’s SaaS accounts and integrations are disabled, deleted, or transitioned. 
  • Secure corporate resources quickly and easily by revoking OAuth grants, disabling accounts, and resetting passwords directly within the Nudge Security platform.

Check it out in the interactive demo below, and read more about it in today’s blog.

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