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Nudge Security streamlines the process of onboarding applications to SSO through playbooks for Azure AD and Okta onboarding. Within both playbooks, we’ve added filters to help you prioritize applications that support SSO. 

We’ve also made it easier to target applications for Okta onboarding based on the specific authentication types they support. You can filter by supported authentication types, including SAML, SCIM, SWA, and OIDC.

We’ve released a new playbook to help you equip your employees to engage with AI tools safely. Using the playbook, you can find all the AI tools your employees are using and nudge them to review and accept your AI acceptable use policy. (Note that administrative privileges are required to view and run the playbook.)

With this new functionality you can:

  • Discover which AI tools are being used, and by whom.
  • Share your AI usage policy as soon as users create AI accounts.
  • Automate collection of policy acknowledgement and questions.
  • Guide your employees to use AI tools safely and securely.

Read today’s blog to learn more or check out our interactive demo below.

We’ve released a new playbook to automate the process of removing abandoned accounts. Now, you can reduce unnecessary risks by minimizing your attack surface and eliminate wasted SaaS spend on unused accounts. Using the playbook, you can:

  • Choose a list of applications to audit all at once, including apps your users may have forgotten about.
  • Collect input from your workforce at scale to identify unused accounts.
  • Delegate the work of removing unused accounts to app owners. 
  • Track your progress toward eliminating wasted spend and unnecessary risk.

Learn more in today’s blog.

We’ve just released a new playbook that guides you through complete employee offboarding in alignment with Google and Microsoft best practices and automates common SaaS offboarding tasks, so you can transition employees securely and completely every time. 

Now, you can:

  • Streamline employee lifecycle changes with a step-by-step playbook that gives you automated workflows and a single system of record for SaaS offboarding. 
  • Set remaining employees up for success by transitioning access to critical resources and accounts. 
  • Avoid business disruptions or surprise bills by making sure all of your departing employee’s SaaS accounts and integrations are disabled, deleted, or transitioned. 
  • Secure corporate resources quickly and easily by revoking OAuth grants, disabling accounts, and resetting passwords directly within the Nudge Security platform.

Check it out in the interactive demo below, and read more about it in today’s blog.

Today, we’ve enhanced our SaaS access management support and Azure AD integration with a new automated playbook to streamline the process of onboarding applications to Azure AD SSO. 

With this new playbook, customers and trial users can:

  • Track which of your organization’s apps have been added to Azure AD SSO, and which ones haven’t.
  • Prioritize onboarding efforts by identifying which of your unenrolled apps are already integrated with Azure AD.
  • Kick off an automated workflow to enlist the help of each app’s primary admin and track their responses, rather than hunting them down individually.

Read more about how Nudge Security supports SSO onboarding, including this new functionality, in our latest blog post.

We’ve just released a new automated playbook to make running SOC 2 access reviews with Nudge Security even easier. 

Now, customers and free trial users can:

  • Capture and classify all in-scope SOC 2 assets, starting with smart app categorization to speed up your process.
  • Easily identify users associated with your SOC 2 assets and verify that they still need access on a regular basis.
  • Generate a print-ready report of your SOC 2 access review to demonstrate a repeatable process for auditors.

Here’s an interactive tour of the new feature:

For a closer look, read the release blog post here.

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