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We’ve updated Nudge Security’s menu to make it easier to find functionality like our Overview, AI Usage, and Progress dashboards and our global search bar. Now, all of these features are available within our left hand navigation menu.

We’ve enhanced our search results to make it easier to find and interpret information about the SaaS apps your employees are using. Now, search results from Nudge Security’s main dashboard are clearly organized by type, including apps, accounts, resources, and OAuth grants.

We’ve released a new dashboard to help you visualize and share the progress you’re making toward key SaaS security and governance metrics. 

With the new dashboard, you can:

  • Visualize your progress over different time periods as you work towards important SaaS security metrics.
  • Identify the highest-impact opportunities to bolster SaaS security and governance at your organization.
  • Share your progress with stakeholders and easily communicate the value of your work with print-ready reports.

Check out today’s blog to learn more about these key metrics and how Nudge Security can help you improve them.  

Nudge Security has introduced the ability to multi-select filter options. Now, you can choose more than one option in each filter category, making it easier to find what you need with filters. For example, you can use filters to see all apps with approval statuses of Approved, Acceptable, and In Review, rather than looking at one of these approval statuses at a time. 

We've added a new filter to help you view your employees' accounts by authentication type to see how they're accessing different apps. For example, you might want to look at all accounts created with a username and password, meaning the logins aren't unmanaged by your organization. You can also filter by authentication methods such as Okta, Azure, Google Workspace, Slack, Office, and Github.

We’ve added new filters to help you navigate the OAuth grants in use at your organization. Now, you can filter grants by authorizing application, type, risk, permissions, user account status, admin privileges, or OAuth grant status. For example, you can use filters to quickly find high-risk OAuth grants, or OAuth grants from suspended or disabled users.

We've improved the information we provide for each application account by adding more detail around the authentication methods used by the application. For each account, we are adding insights about which authentication methods are used, the last activity, and the MFA status for each of them. The authentication methods include accounts being accessed via SSO providers like Okta or Azure AD, and Oauth (such as sign-on with Google or Microsoft), as well as accounts created via username and password. We’ve also added the ability to filter accounts by authentication type.

We’ve upgraded the Nudge Security dashboard with key statistics highlighting your organization’s app usage and a new graph to visualize your SaaS adoption rates. You can also see who within your organization is most likely to experiment by adopting new SaaS products, as well as which apps in your supply chain have been breached.

We’ve added a new chart showing the rate of adoption for each of your organization’s applications, helping you understand how and when an app has gained traction among your employees. Visualize how your users have adopted an app over time by filtering the chart to see how many users have been added in the last day, week, month, year, or all-time.

We’ve made it easier to focus on your most relevant accounts by introducing better default filters. Now, we’re filtering deleted accounts and suspended Google Workspace users out of account lists by default. If you want to see the accounts that have been excluded, all you need to do is modify the filter settings at the top of the page.  

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