SaaS Discovery

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Nudge Security has added the ability to discover and inventory multiple instances of the same app, enabling customers to identify and rationalize duplicate instances and shadow tenants. 

Previously, Nudge Security categorized some instance types as resources within an app. Now, we’ll display instances defined by a unique subdomain (ex, in an Instances tab within the App Overview page. Within that same pane, we’ll also associate individual accounts with the instances they have access to.

Nudge Security has enhanced our SaaS discovery engine with support for Google Single Sign-On (SSO). This update enables our system to recognize and analyze the use of Google SSO in authenticating user accounts. Now we can provide deeper insights into authentication patterns, improving security and compliance across your SaaS applications by offering detailed visibility into how Google SSO is employed in your environment. 

We've added a new dashboard to help you understand what AI tools are in use at your organization and who is using them.

Now, you can: 

  • See your organization’s AI usage and adoption trends at a glance.
  • Find out how different business units are using AI.
  • Identify which employees are the most prolific AI tool adopters.
  • Understand which applications are using AI functionality within their solutions.

Read today’s blog to learn more or check out our interactive demo below.

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